About Lenzy

Lenzy was founded in 2021 as the first Egyptian, inclusive, online platform for all your contact lense needs. On Lenzy you can purchase 100% authentic colored, clear, and one-day contact lenses, with and without power. We also provide contact lense solutions from multiple vendors.
We sell at affordable prices, provide dynamic buying offers, and promote a variety of product bundles. Lenzy is here to simplify the process of buying contact lenses and provide you with a unique, easy, and fluid shopping experience.

Delivery contact lenses in Egypt | توصيل عدسات لاصقة في مصر

Fast Shipping

Get your lenses quickly, on time, and in perfect condition anywhere in Egypt

Authentic contact lenses Egypt | عدسات لاصقة أصلية في مصر


All our products are from 100% verified vendors

Cash or visa in Egypt | نقدا أو فيزا في مصر

Flexible Payment

Pay with credit online or cash on delivery

All your contact lense needs in one place

Colored Lenses

Stand out from the crowd. Channel your uniqueness.

Clear Lenses

Ditch the glasses and see clear as day. You are sure to find your comfort within our wide selection of corrective contact lenses.

1-Day Lenses

For a special event or a day out with friends. Browse our expertly curated selection of 1-Day lenses, delivered to your doorstep.

Contact Solutions

Healthy lenses make for healthy eyes. Contact lense solutions help maintain the comfort of your lense wearing experience.

Anwhere in Egypt

Get your authentic contact lenses anywhere in Egypt! Lenzy is here to fit your contact lens needs.