Lorans - Pale Gray Colored Lenses  Grey Lorans Lenzy

لورانس - بيل جراى

سعر عادي 650.00 EGP

العدسات بكل علبة : 2عدسة
تباع ب: العدسة
عدسات نظر: متاح
الخامة: هيدروجيل 
نسبة المياه: %42.5  
قطر العدسة:14.2 
معدل التكور:8.6
مانع الاشعة فوق البنفسجيه:لا يوجد
الشركة المنتجة: لينزمام
بلد المنشأ: كوريا

Lorans is a great colourful brand of contact lenses with a large range of different colours. Lorans are vivid, colourful and distinctive colours, which assist to satisfy your every requirement for style and to create your appearance. Lorans lenses are employed as cosmetic goods to improve your eye colours, for both those who require powered lenses and who do not. Lorans can be utilised as prescription lenses. Lazrod lenses have for quite a while been on in the industry and because of their elegant, exotic style and comfort always have won over their client. Lorans are the lenses for you if you're seeking for a new appearance to startle the world.

Le Rêve One Day Colored Contact Lenses is manufactured in Korea by Lensmam

Lorans are colored contact lenses

Lorans lenses are sold by pair

Lorans available in all powers both for short-sightedness and long-sightedness. The lenses are also available without prescription for those who don’t need to correct their sight but wish to change their eye color.

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