Bella elite cloudy gray

عدسات ملونة

عدسات بيلا

Bella contact lenses are the embodiment of style and comfort all in one. With Bella colored lenses you can show the world a new you. You can be subtle and delicate, traditional and grounded; or dashing and unafraid. Our wide collection of Bella lenses are here to help you express yourself with comfort and great vision. Find your fit and face the world anew.


Radiant and bright

9 Lenses


Classical and authentic

10 Lenses


Elegant and refined

16 Lenses

Quality and Comfort

Made from patented materials, allowing healthy oxygen flow to the eyes


Graceful and distinct

8 Lenses


Outgoing and defined

5 Lenses

One Day

Comfort and style

8 Lenses

Channel your Boldness

Browse through our collections of Bella and find your signature